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  1. Determine the needs of your furniture first 


It would be great if you prepare a list of all the furniture that you have and want to take along with you. Categorize them in different categories based on their size or value. This way, it will be easier for you to organize them while moving. Make a plan and execute it. It will help you save time and effort on a moving day.


For large-size furniture, you can try the disassembling option or you can use a large gateway to move it.


2. Get your hands on the basic moving supplies



  • Straps


Moving straps will help you in lifting heavy furniture without hurting your back too much. These straps will let your back carry weight uniformly with less pressure.



  • Sliders


Furniture sliders are very useful when it comes to moving large furniture or appliances. They not only help in moving stuff smoothly but they also save the floors from getting damaged. Make sure that your sliders are of the proper size and good quality. You can also buy dollies, packing tape, blankets, wraps, or tie-down straps.


3. Disassemble furniture


Several things can be disassembled and then moved such as tables, desks, shelves, dressers, and many more. You can simply disassemble and pack each part properly with bubble wrap. Make sure that you are putting their bolts and nuts in a separate box, so that you will not miss any, otherwise, it would be difficult for you to assemble them again. Use moving blankets to provide extra safety to the furniture and prevent any damage or scratches.


4. Guard doors and doorframes


Take care of the doors and their frames while moving large size items through them. Large items can make scratches or even damage the doors if not carried properly, so, either use padding or just remove the doors while carrying out the items.


  • Unloading Plan


Plan in advance, where you would like to place your furniture in your new home. Make sure that you have everything that is required for unloading the furniture.


The tips given above are very useful if you are thinking of doing all this on your own. But we will advise you to take professional help to move and pack furniture if you have kids or pets in your family. Heavy furniture can cause injuries while handling.


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