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You might be thinking of packing everything that you have while moving. But there are many things that you should not be packing while moving across other states or countries.

Here are some reliable packing tips for you for a safer move:

1. Safety Comes First:

Some products are too dangerous to carry while moving to other states or country. Especially the things that are igniting to fire should be left behind. For example- fireworks, acid, gasoline, pesticides, explosives, Sterno, or anything toxic and dangerous to pack. If you have such things, try to give them to your neighbors or family living in the same city. Try to get rid of them and do not throw them away or leave them unattended. It can be dangerous for someone else. So take the professional help of police or chemical recyclers or some company that can help you with this.

Here are some things that you should not pack:

•        Fireworks

•        Motor oil

•        Firearms

•        Toxic substance

•        Explosives

•        Matchsticks

•        Chemicals

•        Gasoline and Kerosene

•        Batteries and Weapons

•        Propane and ammonia

If you have any of the items mentioned above, either dispose it off properly or see if anyone can use them. There are some norms given by the government of the country that you need to follow while moving.

2.      Keep Important Files and Documents with Yourself:

While moving, you cannot take any chance of keeping your valuable files and documents along with the other stuff. We all know how much importance the documents have in our lives. Complete safety is provided to the shipments by the moving company but still with some of the precious things nobody likes to take any chance. However, the moving company itself advises families to keep their documents with themselves.

f you do not want to carry your heavy safe with yourself, then do buy a new lightweight one. And put your documents in that and keep it with yourself while moving. There are documents like identity cards, tax papers, and house papers, other sensitive documents that you could not bear to lose or get into the wrong hands. You have to be careful in this case.

3.      Do Not Carry Food:

It is advisable not to carry food with yourself. Food that is perishable or non-perishable, you should better donate it to the needy or some shops nearby you. It will only collect dust while moving and, then it will not be healthy to consume that after you got moved to a new house. Some of the items need a refrigerator so they can get expire or rotten while move. So, it would be better to give them to your neighbor. And you can throw or dispose of the expired food. 

4.      Take Care of Valuables:

We all have a few things that we care about the most. So do pack them on your own. Some of the things might not come in the “sensitive item” category but might be very special for you. So do that packing work on your own.


If you have any doubt or query regarding packing or moving, get in touch with Americas Movers! We would love to give you some guidance and even a free quote.

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